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LifeSong Music Group August 2013 Compilation Review

LifeSong Music Group August 2013 Compilation Review
by Joy Rider

Telestials - Almost Home
Penned by group members, Scott Lucas & Caleb Brown, the TELESTIALS' new single, ALMOST HOME is sure to be a fan favorite. It delivers in every category for which this group is known for: smooth vocals, beautiful & tight harmony, along with sound lyrics that believers are able to relate to. This catchy & upbeat tune will have you clapping your hands as it speaks of going to the place where there is no sorrow or fear, leaving troubles & cares behind ... why would anybody turn back when they are ALMOST HOME? Another great song from this timeless group!
Steel Bridge - Anchor
STEEL BRIDGE has such a sweet way of instilling the hope that is found in their latest release, ANCHOR. I love the vocal blend of this group - they impress me with every song they sing! Psalm 37:23 says, "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and He delighteth in his way." Learning how to weather a storm - yes, that's part of God's plan for us. Trusting that He has us in His care helps us face the fears that come from situations where all we can do is ride them out. I believe God is delighted (as the scripture says) not only because these storms bring us closer to Him but because they also make us more confident in sharing His faithfulness with others who are questioning what they are going through. God is good - in sunshine or rain - "Let Him be your anchor, let the storm rage on. Though your ship is torn apart the storm will soon be gone ..." Beautiful song!
Soul Vision - I Know Who The Lord Is
Oh, how I love this song - makes me wish I still had my morning show! This is a great radio song and I imagine it's pretty strong in concert, as well. SOUL VISION could not have picked a better song to follow their first Top 80. I KNOW WHO THE LORD IS was written by Patrick Case & Denna Reese, members of this incredible mixed quartet. So glad to hear something original from them. Their passion for spreading the gospel comes through on this song more than anything they have released to date. That only makes me love it more! Did I mention that I love this song?! You've just got to hear it. I could list the DJ's that are gonna have to run a lap or two... Shout on, people! I KNOW WHO THE LORD IS!!!
Stubborn Love - Why Won't Matter
If we are honest, and I trust we are, there isn't one of us who hasn't questioned why things happen like they sometimes do. STUBBORN LOVE addresses this in their latest single, WHY WON'T MATTER. Just like their last song, this one hits home, too. God's sweet peace comes from knowing that we don't have to know the "why" to everything but we can trust our Father who loves us more than life - literally! He doesn't waste any part of our lives but He uses it all, the good, the bad, & the ugly, for our good and for His glory. This life is but a vapor, REAL living starts when we get to Heaven. We won't even need to know the "why" and we will see all things clearly! Gotta go get a kleenex and dry these tears ...

LifeSong Music Group June 2013 Compilation Review

LifeSong Music Group June 2013 Compilation Review
by Joy Rider

Written by award winning song writer, Kenna Turner West, IT TAKES FAITH is a combination of a fun, catchy tune, and the truth, plain and simple! MARK 209, with their incredible harmony, comes out strong as ever with this latest single that is sure to please listeners and program directors alike. Not only is this song great for drive-time but will fit almost anywhere. And with lyrics taken straight from the Word of God it just has favor written all over it. A wonderful start for the June compilation!

There was a song written back in the 1980’s (not sure of exact date) titled Prayer Changes Things written by Joe Delk. A few years later after some extremely difficult years, he wrote another song called Prayer Still Changes Things … HEAVEN’S MOUNTAIN BAND’S new release, I’LL KEEP ON PRAYING fits right in with those encouraging songs. When we take the time to really pray and talk to God about life, whether ours or someone else’s, situations change. God promises to hear us and to be our “ever present help in time of trouble.” I like the message in this song because I truly believe that there are still prayer warriors out there. A great job by Heaven’s Mountain Band!

I don’t know who’s choosing the music for THE OLD PATHS but they are doing an amazing job. HE’S MY SONG is an incredible song, full of hope and promise for Christian’s no matter where they are in this journey but especially for those out there spreading the gospel. “When I’ve done all I can and I can’t go on, He’s my rest, my love, my song!” That’s how you keep perspective, knowing that He has you cradled in His arms and that He will never let you go. Strength for this journey can only come from the Lord. From where I’m sitting, this looks like another #1 song for The Old Paths!

JESUS IS MORE THAN ENOUGH, oh yes He is! Many of you will remember this from some years ago and it’s one of those songs that can only get better with time. MASTER’S VOICE brings this classic back with powerful and clean vocals only adding to the integrity of the original version. Newcomers to southern gospel will love this and those of us who have been around awhile … well, we’ll like it even better because we already know the words! It’s great to hear this group singing this song – kind of like it was just waiting on them to record it!

#1 Again For The Old Paths with "God's Great"

The Old PathsCongratulation to The Old Paths for following up their first ever #1 song "Battle Stand" with another chart topper in "God's Great". That's right, two #1 songs back to back and it couldn't happen to a better group of men. These guys are flying high and certaining reaping the benefit of many years of hard work and devotion to their ministry of music. The old saying, "good things come to those who work hard and never quit" is evident in their lives and we couldn't be more honored to be associated with the Old Paths who live what they sing! Keep up the good work guys and we'll keep praising the Lord right beside you because "God's Great"!!

LifeSong April 2013 Comp Review

LMG April 2013 Compilation Review
by Joy Rider

The Hyssongs - Is It Just Me
This song reminds me of the songs we used to sing at songbook promotions years ago ... Good stuff! The Hyssongs new single asks the question that resounds in the heart of every believer waiting for the rapture - Is the church about to leave or IS IT JUST ME? Look around, folks - we are right on the verge of this world transitioning into the next phase of God's eternal plan. If we compare the world scene of today to the one when Jesus first came then there is no denying that the answer to this song's question has to be YES! The vocals and instrumentation have a very "big" sound as well they should when proclaiming this message. Another timely release from a SNM group!

The Williamsons - The Conversation
Have I told y'all lately just how much I thoroughly enjoy the music of The Williamsons? They have the smoothest blend of any mixed group I have ever listened to and this latest release, The Conversation, showcases every voice in the group! Oh my - what a song!!! It is a conversation between the devil and death from the pits of hell, going from the day Jesus was crucified to the day He defeated them both! "He has risen, oh, He has risen - death, where is your sting?!!" I am so excited about this song and it comes from one of my favorite all-time groups. well done, Williamsons!

Steel Bridge - The Stone
God is NEVER taken by surprise by the things His children face. STEEL BRIDGE sings this message loud and clear in their latest release, THE STONE. Have you ever thought for even a minute that God didn't know there was a giant in that valley?
All David needed was his faith in God and then God gave to David the weapon he needed - that is a mouthful, but just think about that for a minute .... God knew what David would be comfortable with AND what would be most effective in defeating Goliath. I'm telling you, this song will preach! The word tells us in Isaiah 55:8-9, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the Lord. "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." There is no fear strong enough to leave us faithless and alone if we can just remember this scripture.  
God ALWAYS has a stone, HIS weapon of choice, for each of us. I really enjoy the harmony and the lyrics to this new release. The Stone is a great "fit" for Steel Bridge. And like I said, this song will most definitely preach!

Back Home - Three Minutes
Have you ever wondered just how long it takes to tell someone about Jesus? Back Home does it very effectively in their new single, "Three Minutes". I hope you enjoyed their last song and that you will take to this one, as well. I love their sound and the simple but profound messages in the songs they choose! I don't know why we as Christians feel that salvation is complicated or that living a Christian life is difficult ... Jesus said, "IT IS FINISHED!" He did all the work. All we have to do is take Him at His word. There's a phrase in this song that says, " ... just take that first step and I know He'll meet you there, just like He met me." How much simpler can it be? I really like this group, Back Home - their name is perfect for them & they take things right back to where it all should start!

The Freemans - Voice in the Desert
"People need to hear a voice in the desert..."  How true is this statement today! Just following the Easter season while Jesus' first coming is still fresh on everyone's mind, the Freeman's latest release "Voice in the Desert" is right on time! John the Baptist fulfilled his calling - preparing people for the Messiah's appearance. Now it's our turn and we cannot afford to be slack about it. Jesus IS coming back and the world is OPEN to hearing about Him NOW!! Chris Freeman's voice is a perfect match to take the lead on this powerful song. The harmony is smooth and exactly what we have come to expect from this successful family group. Sing it, Chris!!!

January 2013 Compilation Review

Eighth Day - Beautiful Shore

I never get tired of hearing songs about Heaven. I also never tire of listening to Eighth Day sing,  so this is a great combination for me! Beautiful Shore is a declaration of hope for the believer. "I'm gonna cross that river of Jordan, sing me a song on the other side - sit a little while at the Tree of Life ... " Can't you just see it?! The lyrics to this one paint an awesome picture of our heavenly home. It is the blessed hope for a saint of God; run this race with patience and determination and when it's all said and done, we get to spend eternity with Jesus in a perfect place He created just for us! Beautiful Shore is one of those songs that will get right down into your spirit and you'll find yourself humming it all day long - and that's a good thing!

Telestials - Walking Up The King's Highway

The Telestials bring back a classic with Walking Up The King's Highway. Of course, they put their own spin on it and the fans are gonna love it! It's fun to sing along with them on this old favorite. If you aren't familiar with this song then you are in for a treat. The vocals are sharpe and the harmony is right on track. The message still rings true - none can walk this highway but the pure in heart. The good news is Jesus' blood is able to wash away even the deepest stain so that anyone who turns to Him can walk this road. Are you Walking Up The King's Highway?

Stubborn Love - You Might Have Heard Of Me

The woman at the well, the soldier at the cross ... How many of us could have easily been either of the two? Stubborn Love's You Might Have Heard of Me reaches into our hearts and makes a connection to Jesus, a connection that is so personal we can't help but be changed! This is an incredible song with a powerful message and an ending that will bring tears to the dryest of eyes. The beautiful, sweet harmony of Stubborn Love has found a perfect song to serenade us and do exactly what it should do ... draw us closer to the Savior!

Soul Vision To Be Featured on Down Home Gospel.

We are excited to see the interviews of Soul Vision these next two weeks on Down Home Gospel. Be sure to watch the interviews which will be aired this Saturday, December 8th 2012, and next Saturday, December 15th. Both starting at 9pm. Nine songs off their latest project, including their current single, "My Lord Will Send A Moses" will be aired on these dates and throughout the coming year.  

WGGS Channel 16 out of Greenville, SC airs Down Home Gospel every Saturday night from 9 to 10pm

For more information visit their websites:  or

The Williamsons chosen as "One To Watch For 2013" by Absolutely Gospel

Spin-N-Motion and LifeSong Music Group are pleased to share some good news surrounding our group, The Williamsons. Donnie and Lisa Williamsons head up this group that is rising fast in Southern Gospel circles with Top 80 charting song after song. We are very excited to see the Lord bless their ministry as we grow together in trying to get out the Word through song! Check out their selection by visiting

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